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I remember when I was a kid, probably 2nd grade or so, walking to the mall with my older brother and his friend. We stopped in at the news stand to buy some Garbage Pail Kids because we were morons. I must have had a dollar in my pocket, which in my mind meant that I had enough money to purchase a pack for what was probably $.99.

"You can’t buy that. You don’t have enough for tax," my brother said.

"Tacks?" I thought to myself. "What do I need with tacks? I’m not buying tacks. What, like thumb tacks? Why does he think I want thumb tacks? Do they even sell thumb tacks here? I just want a pack of Garbage Pail Kids in hopes that there’s a Brainy Brian included."

I didn’t say that out loud because I was the younger 3rd wheel and I knew there had to be more to the story. He couldn’t have meant thumb tacks. But I wasn’t quite versed in our economic system yet, so sales tax didn’t meant anything to me. But the bottom line was I didn’t end up buying that pack of Garbage Pail Kids. And for all I knew at the time, the reason was because I couldn’t afford the thumb tacks that came with it.

This was a story.

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