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One of my favorite things about the 1996 Bulls championship run are how many Bulls fans went out and bought a t-shirt or hat with that silly slogan “72-10 doesn’t mean a thing without the ring”. Congratulations, Skeezik, you just wasted $18 on a hat that will only be appropriate for a month or two. I wonder how many people in and around Chicago have one of those hats or shirts lying around in the back of their closet somewhere. I still have a 2005 Chicago White Sox AL Central Champions t-shirt. Ha! WHY DID I BUY THAT?!?!?

Anyway, this year’s Blackhawks are off to a record start, so I think they need a similar slogan that we can copyright and convince the morons of Chicago to waste their money investing in. How about this:

Doesn’t mean bupkis without the Stanley Cupkis.

Print it.

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