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1HappySt Presents, A Pawn Stars Re-Enactment
Pawn Stars Guy: So what do you have here?
Customer: Well I think I have the actual gun that John Wilkes Booth used to assassinate President Lincoln.
PSG: Wow. I have never seen one of these.
Customer: Yeah it's pretty rare. Like only 1 in existence actually.
PSG: I tell you what. I got a guy who specializes in rare 1800's guns for some reason. Let me bring him down here and see what he says.
Customer: Sounds good.
[PSG: John Wilkes Booth was an actor in the 1800's. He killed President Lincoln at Ford's Theater. If this thing is real, this could be a really cool thing to have.]
1800's Gun Expert: Yeah this is the real thing. This is the gun Booth used to kill the President.
PSG: No kidding. So how much is it worth do you think?
1800's Gun Expert: I'd say it's worth anywhere from 10 billion to 50 bazillion dollars.
Customer: Wow.
PSG: Well thanks so much for coming out.
1800's Gun Expert: Any time.
PSG: So what do you want to do with it? You want to pawn it or sell it?
Customer: Well I'd like to sell it.
PSG: How much you want for it?
Customer: Well you heard the man. I'd like to get 50 bazillion dollars. Or even an actual dollar amount that exists in real life.
PSG: Oooo, sorry. No. I mean I have to be able to sell this thing and I'm not sure what the market will be. I tell you what I'll give you a hundred bucks for it.
Customer: Hmmm. A hundred? How about $150?
PSG: Nah, I'll go $125 but that's as high as I'll go.
Customer: Sold.
PSG: Great, I'll write it up.
Customer: I wanted 50 bazillion, but I settled on $125. Which is more than I came in here with so I'm happy.
PSG: This is a great buy. I can't wait to see it in my showroom.
/Brian kills self
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